Choice Points Classical Homeopathy offers you an opportunity to choose a new level of wellness with an approach to health that honors your whole-being.

Fascinated with my discovery of wholistic health in 1994, I  enthusiastically experimented with and studied every therapy I could get my hands on.  While gathering an assortment of interesting certificates, I learned a lot, but wasn’t deeply satisfied.

I was first introduced to classical homeopathy in 1996 and was instantly intrigued.  In 1999 I applied to the British Institute of Homeopathy and over the next five years went on to complete both their Practitioner’s Diploma and Women’s Health Diploma. 

As time went on I discovered that the more I do homeopathy, the more I want to do homeopathy.  I have become infused with it, and I love its simplicity, its power, and its depth.

 I am grateful for everyone who allows me to participate in their healing journey, it is an honor to serve you.  I am also grateful for the many exciting opportunities for ongoing professional development, allowing me to study with some of the great homeopaths of our time, including: Will Taylor, Kim Elia, Jeremy Sherr, Alastair Gray, Karen Allen, and Joe Kellerstein, in the company of fine homeopaths around the world. 

Heather Hawthorne, RCSHom, DiHom(Pract), DWHHom