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Why A Girl's Group?

posted Jul 21, 2011, 8:23 AM by Heather Hawthorne

The question is, why does a homeopath and mother of two boys develop a program for girls?

For starters, most of my clients are women.   I also see children of women and sometimes husbands of women.  You get the picture.  Usually by the time I have the opportunity to meet and assist women and families with their health goals, a lot has gone on. 

And like it or not, women remain responsible for meal planning and preparation in the majority of households.   A woman’s health prior to and during pregnancy directly impacts her children.  Women make most of the decisions about household purchases including groceries, personal care items, and household cleaners.  Women are making key decisions daily that impact her health, and the health of her children, partner, and extended family.

As a homeopath I am passionate about empowering all kinds of people on their health journeys.  But I long to jump in sooner.  Maybe it’s my impatience, or my idealism. 

An important part of homeopathy, and any wholistic health care modality, is finding and addressing underlying causes for imbalance and symptoms.   What if we could prevent underlying causes?

I’ve seen firsthand the whole world of difference it makes for children whose mothers have adopted natural healthy living practices prior to conception.   

So what if a young woman had the opportunity to develop an interest in wholistic health long before she developed illness or was raising a family?  What could come of her understanding her power to change her world?  What could happen if she knew that she held a unique purpose that only she could fulfill?  What benefits would come to not only her own personal health and well-being, but to her family, to her community, to our planet?