Client Endorsements

Heather has helped me tremendously (physically & mentally) with my health; more specifically, a chronic health condition (digestive system, that no one else was able to, including specialist Physicians.  This is a gentle process, helping the body heal, instead of covering up symptoms, or treating symptoms.  Heather works with the whole body since it is a whole unit.  It is a drug-free approach to well-being.
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Heather was recommended to me by my sister-in-law and I am forever grateful that I took that first step and pursued homeopathic treatments for me and my family.  The previous year or so before I met Heather I had begun to look at things differently and question western medicine and its philosophies as I began to walk down a different path.  I was a Pharmacy Technician by trade for almost 20 years and remember thinking that pharmaceuticals and prescribed medications were the only way to deal with illness and disease, etc.  I didn’t know of any other way.  I have always been pretty healthy with a few minor health issues and no real major issues myself, but once I started seeing Heather and using homeopathic remedies I felt even better and became even healthier.  Before homeopathy, there would always be the odd thing that crept up during the year between my annual doctor visits (be it a bladder infection or a terrible cough that just wouldn’t go away).  I would also get headaches now and then and the odd cold sore.  But now, I only see my doctor once a year and that’s only because I still feel like I should let her keep tabs on me and have the usual tests done etc.  I never have any other reason to go!  No more bladder infections, hardly any headaches, I feel great emotionally, and hardly get any colds.  My immune system is stronger and anytime something minor does creep up, I just use my homeopathic remedies or call Heather for some advice (or possibly a different remedy) and am always impressed with how well it works and how quickly I am able to heal.

I also take my children to see Heather.  They have been a bit more of a challenge (my son especially) but I have seen wonderful results in both of them, and again, way fewer visits to the doctor’s office.  In fact, for the past couple of years, I’ve only had to take them for their annual doctor visit.  There hasn’t been a need to see the doctor otherwise.  How many parents in our society can say that they only have to take their children to the doctor once a year?  When acute things creep up, as they do with small children, we consult Heather and use their homeopathic remedies.  I’ve learned that patience is sometimes necessary as you work with homeopathic remedies.  I’ve seen them work super-fast (within seconds or minutes) in some cases and I’ve also seen us work through things slowly layer by layer as we try to get to the root of the problem.  Persistence is sometimes needed.  At least we aren’t just covering up a symptom though (like western medicine usually does).  I love the fact that my children are growing up with an understanding of Homeopathy and how it works and how our bodies can heal themselves with the right kind of support.

We all love going to see Heather too.  She’s so easy to talk to and truly listens to what you are saying as she tries to understand everything about you.  She makes you feel comfortable to talk to her about anything.  I highly recommend Heather to anyone; as a matter of fact, I recommend her to my own friends, family and clients all the time.  Homeopathy has changed my life and I am so grateful to Heather and her expertise.

Ricky Issler CD(DONA), HCHI
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