Sam Finds His Home

By the time Sam arrived on my parents’ door step he was so thin and weak he could hardly walk.  At first he was only able to eat and drink a little at a time.  Then gradually he was able to enjoy full size cat meals.  Being a part-time barn cat and part-time house cat seemed to suit Sam perfectly, and he adjusted quickly. 

He’s a very affectionate cat who loves to be held and petted.  When the young grandchildren come to visit he is a perfect gentleman, lying still for brushing and sitting in laps.  When he gets together with our golden lab he lies on his back and patiently allows her to lick him, and then gives her one gentle swat to let her know they’re done.

Not long after he came to live on the farm, Sam began to have pus-filled sores on his legs.  One would come and go, only to have another arise a few days or weeks later.  And he was still very skinny, even after a long period of access to lots of food and a good appetite.  He also was scratching at his ears all day long.  On hot summer days he seemed to feel much worse, and looked for cool, shady places to lay.  We could tell he wasn’t feeling very good because his fur was dusty and he didn’t bathe himself enough.

After a dose of the homeopathic remedy Sulphur, Sam began putting on weight, the sores on his legs went away for good, and his ears felt fine!

Many years later, Sam has never had another health problem.  He is an avid mouser, and as you can see from the pictures he is not skinny any more!

The first nine months of Sam’s life will always be a mystery to us; whatever he went through he finally found his home!



GENERALS/EMACIATION/appetite with emaciation; ravenous

EAR/ITCHING/External ears

A Few Keynotes:

  • hot,  < heat
  • itching made worse by heat                     
  • looks dirty with laziness or aversion to being washed 
  • big appetite, loves eating
  • complaints that relapse                                            
  • doesn't gain weight even with good appetite             Photo credit:
  • affinity for skin conditions

Sulphur is element #16 on the Periodic Table of Elements. 
From the Sanskrit word sulvere and the Latin word sulphurium, sulphur is a bright yellow crystalline solid at room temperature. Above 200 degrees Celsius, Sulphur becomes a dark red liquid.  It is the tenth most abundant element in the universe, found near hot springs and volcanic regions around the world, and in many types of meteorites.

Sulphur has been employed in many ways since ancient times: as a pesticide; in fertilizer, gunpowder and matches; and in medicine.  Sulphur is one of the seven major minerals needed by the body for our biochemical functions.  It burns with a blue flame, and is known for its peculiar odor; the smell of odorized natural gas, skunk scent, grapefruit, and garlic is due to sulfur compounds.

The homeopathic remedy is prepared by trituration (grinding with lactose powder) to dilute and potentize the substance.

Sulphur is our best known homeopathic remedy and one we think of in relapsing complaints, when there is itching, and the patient is warm and worse from heat.