In the spring of 2011, overwhelmed by the number of women in my practice whose present-day health difficulties had their roots in the time around when they were twelve years old, I made the decision to start a program for teen girls.  I want to reach out to teen girls at a pivotal time in their lives, and offer opportunities for improved self-esteem and health that will in turn impact their families, both present and future.

The mission of the *I AM* Girls program is “To connect girls with their truth, power, and purpose”.  By introducing young teens to leadership and empowerment messages, wholistic health including homeopathy, and yoga, I believe we can interrupt processes that lead to years of pain and suffering.  *I AM* Girls offers a 12 week program for girls 11-15 years old, as well as an annual mother-daughter retreat.

*I AM* Girls now has their own website!  Please join us at www.iamgirls.ca