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*I AM* Girls Mission & Goals

Mission Statement:
  The *I AM* Girls program connects girls to their truth, power and purpose through a selection of thoughtfully planned and led group activities.


  • Connect to your truth, beauty and perfection by developing your skills for living in balance and looking inward for guidance
  • Connect to your power to create your life, and to impact the world, through your thoughts and actions
  • Connect to your purpose through self knowledge and being inspired by others


Program Features

Benefits to You!

Explore wholistic health in a fun, supportive environment

  • 54 percent of Canadians used alternative medicine in 2005/06. Put another way, in 2005/06 there were more than 17.6 million people spending their own money on complementary and alternative medicine.
  • 51% of Albertans like alternative medicine because it takes their whole lifestyle into consideration
  • Only 15% of Albertans feel that alternative medicine doesn’t work

Fraser Institute Report on Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Canada (2007)

Full 75 minute yoga class with YAA certified instructor


Yoga Helps To Develop Confidence, Self-Esteem, Imagination And Creativity In Teens

 Yoga Benefits Teens - Helps Them Deal With Many of the Challenges Specific to Adolescence

Guest speakers bring a variety of viewpoints on topics of interest to girls


Opportunity to think deeply, ask questions, reflect on new information, and develop skills.

Facilitated by a qualified leader

Creates a safe environment for personal growth and exploration.

Group format and content addresses 21 of the 40 building blocks of healthy development that help young people grow up healthy, caring and responsible.


“Beaumont FCSS is using the philosophy of developmental assets in everything we do with youth in our community and we hope you will too. Everyone, whether you are a parent, a grandparent, aunt, uncle, friend, neighbor, doctor, teacher or employer can help build assets in our children and our youth.” Search Institute 40 Developmental Assets

The Leader In Me leadership development program based on “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Dr. Stephen R. Covey.  Read more


“The first three habits focus on teaching youth to be self-sufficient, personal responsibility for one’s life, having a plan and making good use of time.  The next three habits focus on how to interact effectively with others.  They encompass skills for seeking win-win solutions to problems, skills for listening and speaking, and skills for working in teams.“  Promising News in Education by Covey & Hatch

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Project

Read more

Offers a supported opportunity to achieve goals and meet award criteria through a combination of activities completed during both during the *I AM* program and at home.