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Conference Feedback

Here's what the girls are saying about the "Don't Be Afraid to Speak Up" Empowered Communication Leadership Conference held by *I AM* Girls on Saturday, January 14th in Beaumont:

  • "I will take home many things from each speaker"
  • "Everything was great!"
  • "I liked everything today.  Thanks for putting today together."
  • "I am going to take home everything I heard today!  I think the empower stuff will stick in my head the most."
  • "I thought it was all really planned out amazingly, and I wouldn't change a thing!"
  • "I feel more powerful!"

Alexis's Empowered Communication Workshop
Alexis Leclair

"I really liked Alexis's presentation."
"She was understanding and a good listener."
"Her presentation helped me with stage fright."
"I liked figuring out what sort of personality I had.  I liked speaking about our passions."
"I thought the flipcharts were the most useful for remembering things and teaching."
"It was very informative and nice."
"This will help me with how I do a presentation in school."
"Everything in Alexis's presentation was super helpful and interesting!"

Alexis Leclair

Uptake Consulting

Robert's O.F.I. (Outstanding First Impressions) Workshop
Robert Manolson
"Robert was fun"
"I liked the vibe everybody had.  It was very fun and welcoming.  I learned a lot and will definitely use it."
"I liked Robert's presentation cuz he was full of energy."
"I really enjoyed Robert's presentation.  I liked how he was full of energy and excited to be there with us.  I also like how he taught, I remember everything."
"I thought it was really fun because he's a funny and interesting guy who really captivated us all."
"It was very fun and inspiring!  I perfected my handshake!"
"I really liked Rob's presentation.  It was a lot of fun.  I like how involved he got with us girls."
"I liked how he made every little thing we did seem like the most exciting thing that happened in a decade.  He was very enthusiastic."

Robert Manolson
Powerful Play Experiences

Michelle's Dress With Purpose Workshop

Michelle Grad

"It was helpful learning how to dress for a job interview."
"I liked learning that we can still be ourselves and not look a certain way."
"I liked her ideas.  It was neat."
"I really liked the fashion and make up tutorials.  The insight on how to dress was awesome too!"
"She is awesome and helpful."
"I liked hearing about clothing and make up."
"She gave me an idea of what to dress like."

Michelle Grad

mG Artistry