Meet Our Conference Presenters

Meet Our Presenters:

It is with tremendous gratitude that I welcome our conference presenters and introduce them to you.  I am inspired by their generosity and enthusiasm for sharing their gifts and talents with today's youth!  Their involvement goes far beyond that which you will see - as behind the scenes they have been instrumental in shaping the vision for the day that has been created for you.  As adults, we come together with a commitment to offer up the best we have, knowing that you are our future and that there is greatness within each of you.  It has been my privilege to participate with them in the unfolding of this event, and I hope that the day will inspire you to connect with that greatness within you.

Alexis Leclair

Alexis Leclair

Uptake Consulting

A soft skills instructor, Alexis teaches people the interpersonal communication skills they need to talk, to listen, to respond and to constructively interact with co-workers, colleagues and customers - even family and friends.  As a Certified Emotional Fitness Coach, Alexis guides people in gaining self-awareness and abilities to manage their lives and interactions more positively and productively.  She develops and instructs customized courses for private corporations/ organizations and teaches at the University of Alberta and the Government of Alberta Learning Centre.

Alexis has been working in the consulting and communications field for over 25 years.  She is a Public Relations and Arts and Cultural Management graduate, and a certified Emotional Fitness Coach (recognized by the International Coach Federation) with an Adult Education certificate. Alexis owns and operates Uptake Consulting Ltd., a people-communications company she founded in 2002.

Robert Manolson

Robert Manolson
Powerful Play Experiences

Robert Manolson is a Certified Career Development Professional with over 25 years experience as a skilled speaker and high energy facilitator. He's also an expert in one-to-one Career Counselling and brings his motivational art form to both youth and adults ready to make a career change. He doesn't settle for anything less than insisting we all follow our heart and build the life we love.

Robert is the Creator & Facilitator of POWERFUL PLAY EXPERIENCES and is in the business of fun at work and facilitates highly engaging, Workplace Fun & Wellness Workshops. Robert believes that each day and every day we must re-energize and ignite the spirit within through the power of play. He challenges our attitude toward play and to carry the spirit of playfulness into our everyday lives. 

Prepare to re-charge, re-juvenate, and re-excite YOUR spirit within.

Michelle Grad

Michelle Grad
mG Artistry

Michelle Grad has been a professional freelance makeup artist for over 20 years. Involvement with her clients and retail training has enabled her to gather important information on skin care, beauty enhancement, style and fashion that she will bring to you in a fun and interactive format. Michelle believes that all of us have personal ideas as to what beauty and style mean. She offers tools and training to help you enrich the features that you believe are positive to portray a confident and polished impression for any occasion.

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