Homeopathy Videos

Homeopathy: Just Good Medicine

Link to National Centre for Homeopathy's YouTube Channel:  www.youtube.com/NCHomeopathy

Monica Frohmann on "In the Know" - Part 1

Homeopathy:  Mere Placebo or Great Medicine?
Debate on November 27, 2012 at McGill University

Link to Andre Seine's website: www.homeopathy.ca/debates

Clinical Research Confirms Benefits from Homeopathy
with Dana Ullman:

Link to Dana's YouTube Channel:  www.youtube.com/HomeopathicDana

Dr. Oz's Homeopathy Starter Kit:

Dr. Oz Homeopathy Start

Looking for an all-natural solution for your aches, pains and common colds? Dr. Oz reveals how you can replace your over-the-counter medications with homeopathic solutions. Plus, medical doctors reveal their favorite homeopathic remedies! Click here to watch the three part video